Have you heard…Soul mate’s do exist!


How to instantly find your soul mate.

Sitting in my lounge, looking at the ceiling then at the curtains then I stare at the blank TV screen, wondering if I should feel sorry for myself. On two occasions I drew blanks with potential dates and the dating scene was disappointing, I tried gatherings then I got an idea, I will advertise, what a misnomer!

Being aware of my unsuccessful love life my friend at work suggested a Soulmate! Wow, where in this lifetime will I find a Soulmate I asked but she could not help me. I was Googling when I landed on this site and was I glad.

My biggest discovery that uplifted me to almost heaven was the discovery that there is nothing wrong with me, compatibility was my issue which effectively means that I am a Soulmate! This certainly uplifted my spirit and I got stuck in this website sucking every bit of information I could get as I now have direction in my love life. 

My next question was when where and how as identifying a Soulmate might present a problem as no one walk with a Soulmate identification tag. I was almost discouraged, I have to study 80 pages to find my Soulmate? It can be done but hey, I am human, I mean is it really necessary?

Do you want my honest answer? I am glad I did because after the course in the eBook I discovered that I can identify a person’s personality according to his body build. This knowledge enabled me to get a personnel management appointment at a large company who since had harmony in their operations.

You may wonder why, allow me to tell you…I sorted the personnel around type with type according to their body features and that is working like a charm!

What amazed me was the research that went into this book as it has a historical background in that the research dates back to the year 470 BC and critical information gathered are concluded in this book. I must mention that Mrs. Elsie Benedict of New York grouped and analyzed all the information in 1940, this is where the information originally came from.

I can undoubtedly vouch for this book as it enabled me to sit at a table in a mall and isolate Soulmates just by watching them, not once did I make a fool of myself.

My friend’s circle has gone far beyond what I expected, I have friends who are computer geniuses, programmers, and even a Software Engineer. Others are clerks and even a mechanic, this is a wonderful change from watching the ceiling, blank TV, and the curtains, at last life has meaning!   


Life suddenly has meant being splendid and stupendous as my feet hardly touch the ground, I am suspended in the air!


I wish you, dear reader, an absolutely wonderful and happy Soulmate life and

trust that your achievements would be stupendous and that happiness

will smother you, choose to stay as you are might not be so wise so it’s your decision,

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