What is this gig about words?

Introducing the positive vocabulary as a stand alone as it can be obtained with the package deal of Confidence Giant and The secret way of ending emotional agony.


This book consists of 14 pages filled with positive words and phrases which in itself is worth its weight in gold! Transforming your vocabulary is a really clever move as positivity achieves much more than negativity.

Words are the most powerful tool each and every person was born with, circumstances and friends surrounding our upbringing are mostly the reason for negative words but allow me to tell you a true story about the power of words.  

Four young men thought it funny when they escorted a blind man into an old quarry hollow and left him standing while laughing at his peril.  He was not amused and said to them, and I quote ” from this day forth all of you first born children will be born blind.     

They laughed at him and walked away, all four dude’s first born was blind,  a promise in words that carried so long and yet came true.   

Then there was that preacher in the US who verbally got 27 people to offer their lives in the fire for whatever reason, the point is words convinced them, once more the power of words no matter how presented, it still was done with words.

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