Info page: Quantum leap to emotional relieve.

No one can remotely comprehend the impact of an emotion on a human mind, you are totally drained of energy and tears. The hurt seems to have highs and lows but never stop, the guilt is forcing me against a wall of hopelessness and I am all alone, no one to talk to. This feeling of usefulness left impelling thoughts to act irrational, and you believe a book can make the difference…think again!

I could not agree more, the book is only a piece of paper and by itself of no value, however, the words on the paper come alive when you read them. The value of the book is in the fact that it does not argue with you and it does not criticize you, in fact, you can disclose your most sacred secret with your book and determine if this book have the answers, all in the privacy of your own bedroom.

To enable the book to talk to you is to associate a certain problem with your experience and establish if and how to overcome this problem. One has to remember that your instructions in dealing with certain emotional discomforts might need some interaction from you and your silent therapist will guide you with words. Allow me to illustrate just how much interaction you might need.

Guilt is self-destructive as so many people did not know what to do or how to react as they were told to believe that you deserve the guilt and you need to deal with it. Well, dear reader, I have news for you, passing guilt is the most comfortable way of creating freedom for yourself!

Naturally, it’s mean, but hey it works, you suffer and your partner is having a ball of a time all at your expense! That…is mean! So what can you do?

1. Go to your inner room, consider this words very carefully as they have a bitter taste but is             unavoidable – Forgive your perpetrator!  I know it’s virtually impossible, you have to and the       only way is by repetition until you know deep down, I do forgive him or her.  

2. Once you are sure, make a call and book an appointment at a coffee shop at a busy mall. Be in     time but wait unobserved until he or she is seated, then and only then, you walk up and greet       friendly, smiling say “Hello Peter/Susan I forgive you” turn on your heel and walk away not         looking back.

You have now successfully transferred the guilt, more than likely you will still feel responsible but this will wear within a week or two. Take your phone off the hook and only use it to dial out as your accuser will attempt to reach you, he or she wishes to pass the guilt back to you! Once your confidence has returned replace your phone.  If he or she then phone you make it short and sweet “Hi, I don’t want to see you or talk with you go and have your own life!”Finally, you have succeeded in taking back your sanity –there is one final thing I have for you, do whatever you can to laugh!Laugh, laugh, laugh!

  •  Feel useful again.

  •  End any guilt you might feel.

  •  Regain your self, the who you are.

  •  Become positive.

  •  Work in total privacy.

  •  Learn how to deal with hate.

  •  Learn how to obtain your desires. 

The book will guide you on a number of issues and how to deal with them but please remember, your interaction will make the book come alive and your silent therapist will share in your success.  You can stay as you are or you can change to a positive life filled with joy, this my friend, is your choice.   

I have a package deal for you dear reader, you do need the positive vocabulary and the Confidence book to complete your journey with your silent therapist.

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    Guillaume Marais