Info page: The time has come young lady, are you ready?

    The Beauty of nature.          

Our Blueprint to Adulthood.

This statement is the one that chases the frenzy out of your dad as he knows what is to be expected and what not.

You young lady, are beyond confidentiality after all you and your mates have it all worked out! So why worry I am in control!

I have no doubt that in your mind you are, but matching the life out there with your plans might just come short. People in the world out there have different values to school leavers, going into their world you need to know your yea and your no-way.  

Blownup promises are an ethical roadmap with a disappointing end result, while disagreements are quite normal. Annoyance is at the order of the day, a type of learning curve they say. Retribution is another enemy you could meet which I hope will pass you. Once the penny wise pound foolish comes to play is when your first salary is paid.

Emotional bantering and financial management are two experiences I never expected, I wonder if I could take this up with my dad? Maybe he has some suggestions.  

Frankly, little lady, you need more than a few suggestions, guidance would have been more descriptive so perhaps I can show a brief summary what is in the book:

  *  Meet the core values of attraction.

  *  Discover the difference between love and happiness.  

  *  Meet the secret to bountifulness.

  *  Discover the seeds of goodness.

  *  Introducing the most valuable relationship component.

  *  Meet the linguistic poison. 

  *  The surprise in the conclusion.  

True this is not a way how to live but more how to handle some situations one may and will encounter. Adulthood has its own challenges to overcome which will give one more than enough exposure! This guide Blueprint to Adulthood is nothing more than just that.

The writing style is somewhat strange and is designed to involve father and daughter when reading together, almost as if they are talking together! Dual involvement will add to the better understanding and I would urge fathers to initially work through the book prior to sharing this with his daughter.

Those young ladies without father interest because their father passed away will also discover value in the book by reading through it, I have no doubt that many fathers would value this work.


Having access to this information does not warrant you from any bad experience, sure but it certainly goes a long way. The objective is not to create a lifetime’s experiences in one book but to give the young ladies an opportunity to survive according to their own standards within a certain time frame.

True there is no life gauge in written format apart from a Bible, so I guess if one can lay your hands on some guide or the other about adult life the question is a matter of choice and this is one question I cannot decide for you.