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Happiness, Darn it….Where are you?


Over the ages, historians handed down a story of merchants who offered pouches with gold to the first person that can bring them the formula for happiness.To date, no one succeeded and happiness remained evasive until the early forties when De Beers announced the discovery of the lady’s best friend which brings happiness.

Soon this wonderful discovery of happiness caught on in a big way in the clothing industry and finally, people who have lots of money were classified as the rich while the other people were the poor. This lead to the most expensive cars and houses kings would admire.

Regrettably, this norm has extended to this day and rich people just have to do things differently, they are rich!

         *   The exquisite clothing from Herefords in England.

         *   Leather goods from Italy. 

         *   Most expensive cars from Europe.

         *   Their own private barber.

         *   A large pleasure boat moored at a marina.

         *   His own airplane.

With all these fortunes being spent clever business people soon had special expensive furniture only the rich can afford, all these attributes fortified that deep gorge between rich and poor.  

The big question that remains unanswered was now vaguer than ever as rich people could not admit that being rich having everything their heart desire, true happiness seems to remain evasive. 

Scientologists noticed that a certain amount of poor people seemed to be much happier than the rich people who denied it. 

Quite by chance, I discovered the real formula for real happiness and it does not relate to any religion, theology, psychology or any form of Zen technology. Only pure English language.

Unhappiness could mean a number of things and result from a whole lot more, for example being rejected and as departing gift leave guilt. Can you imagine how this guilt grows and multiply, in fact, people considered suicide, others gave themselves over to booze and sought a way to forget even if it meant drugs.

This rejection and guilt combination is perhaps the single most destructive force any person can endure.      


Rejection and guilt seem to intensify over a certain time,                   however, one experiences seem to affect the duration prior to wanting to commit suicide.

Dear reader, if you are suffering from rejection and guilt, or perhaps know of someone, send them here to read this paragraph or tell them the solution to their problem is right here.

The reason for rejection and guilt is a defense mechanism the perpetrator cleverly use to shift blame so he or she is free from any regret, in fact without a single tear being shed!

What I am now about to share with you might bring forth resentment or even annoyance or ridicule, please read it carefully…allow your mind to absorb this statement….Read it again, this time loud!

“You need to forgive the perpetrator and tell him or her in his or her  face, calm and collective, I FORGIVE YOU”

I am aware

Take time to allow this knowledge to make sense to you, till you accept that you were used as the scape goat for another person’s freedom. Please allow enough time for this new awareness to open your eyes, your heart, and your brain. Repeat this to yourself daily loud and repeated and accept that you were caught unaware, now you have discovered the truth you are innocent, you are free of heartache, pain, and guilt.

Once you feel free in mind and soul set an appointment with the perpetrator in a busy mall or where many people are and be late for your appointment by a couple of minutes. Do not sit down, do not chat about the weather, do not ask how he or she is just saying….. I FORGIVE YOU! Turn around on your heel and walk away, don’t look back, don’t answer a callback, just walk on and get away as soon as possible.

Maybe a week or even 10 days you will receive a call from the perpetrator asking for an appointment, you will know that guilt and rejection that was passed on to you and you suffered from is now haunting the perpetrator. I recommend that you deny contact and change your telephone number and door locks.

Finally, you will be yourself again, free from any guilt or rejection!    


Happiness…darn it, where are you? will open a door to you which one would never have thought could be the road to happiness and if happiness is evasive I would highly recommend that you make a decision to get this book. It will show you the real way to happiness.           




Being free from guilt and rejection is really a huge step of relief and I have no doubt that your brain will do well with a challenge to discover real happiness in direct conflict with a former disastrous mental attack.

Learning the skill of happiness will change your life for the best as you will wake up to each day knowing today is another happy day! Do not allow the past to ever place you in the same scenario, rob you of your passion, your honesty, your trust and your happiness and make change for a new life of happiness.

Here is your link and remember my guarantee is irrevocable for 6 months, you now should not have any doubt, but remember essentially the choice remains yours. At an introductory price of $9.50, it might be a good idea to get it today.     
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