What foods to eat and live!

Eminent results, just by adapting your menu!

Demand on our time is the single reason why our weight is out of control. Late for work, pick up Children from school, lunch supper, buying groceries well ahead in time to prepare the food…The only way out… a take out!

Mass prepared food is subject to waiting while in preparation oils are heated to cooking temperatures losing a number of wholesome elements that could relate to overweight but hunger does not taste the overcooked oils, only the waist!

I can almost hear the objection…So what do you have in mind? Could we please find a common ground of discussion because what you read here is more of an idea generator than an actual do this or do that!  

Fast foods are not only convenient foods, no they could also be long-term toxic phenomena where the actual toxins add up and over time the impact just surface! By this, I do not even closely suggest that by eating takeouts 3 to four times a month is wrong.

Find a supplement for a takeout, I found a multi-mineral & Vitamin Shake I mix in a fruit juice and that works wonders for those hunger pains and the energy level really soared while the hunger pain was absent.

I heard, please check this out as I am uncertain but if this info is accurate and true, then dear reader I am afraid we never really lose the fat we have built up, it remains throughout our bodies.  

This thought is horrific, so dieting reduces weight by dehydrating whilst the fat tissue remains, please check this out as at the time of this writing I am awaiting further info which I will report in a follow-up.

Writing from a doom and gloom perspective I wish to appeal to any reader who has a known high acidity deposit in his or her body to please follow this recipe to the letter.

Spent a day or two, buy lemons as many as you can and extract the juice and freeze in cubes. The built up stock should last a few weeks, drink one cube in a cup of hot water, no sugar or any sweetener, as a first drink in the morning!

Within a week to 10 days you will find remarkable changes in your body with regards to joint discomforts, keeping your eyes on the scale will to a degree have affected your reading. Long term the acidity reduction of one’s body would reduce the chances of a number of cancers to grow.

The reduction of sugar in the diet will certainly contribute to less acid in the body which in turn will react negatively to cancer growth. Maybe we should understand the Alcayde, eat to live not live to eat! Eat to live will open a whole new world in nutrients versus health.  

With early warning signs of possible malignant growth somewhere much success has been achieved with lemon and so many people had success with grated lemons, skin included starting on an empty stomach throughout the day as a bedtime drink.

Although acid tasting lemons are in actual fact an alkali disguised by nature to taste sour! Clever don’t you think?

Finally, perhaps the most startling medicine in the world is found in our attitudes, yes, positivity is singularly the most effective medicine on the face of our planet!

Allow me to explain from my own experiences, I had a melanoma on my arm which was removed successfully, then I had infected prostate which was treated with a Brachy treatment and finally, I had one kidney removed which had huge malignant growth attached which grew within 3 weeks. Then in 2016 I had a lung collapse after a bi-option and awoke with a 30% lung capacity as a prior result of smoking. Wow! What fun……….

Today I am fine, no cancer and a lung capacity of 55% and I walk and talk like any other person. How did I do this, POSITIVITY!  

I can not emphasize this any stronger, PLEASE, allow me to share whatever I can to assist, starting now I am adding a free EBook for you to read, it’s not long but it is a real start. Please download free and read the book, join my forum when It’s activated and allow me to assist you in any way I can while others who are also in need, they too can gain advice.            


The most powerful emotion in the world

Please read this with an open mind there are no new technology or any adult rubbish just plain real life stories in English!  




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