Copywriting offer


99% of how one’s product is advertised will conclude a sale! A Bold statement indeed but if you are an author and you need your product to be bought, the presentation is of the utmost importance!

One needs to find the customers concern and convince him or her that your product is the solution he or she has been waiting for, in this lies the art of using words in the right order!


  Copywriters are a special breed of writers knowing how to use words that will result in you making a sale and because we are not all copywriters we need each other. Having said that I have decided to offer my services as an introductory offer of only $75 per EBook project not exceeding 50 pages.

I have a questionnaire I will send you to complete prior to me starting a project as this will give me the meat I need to make your project a success.    


To engage my service please send an email to