About New Perspectives.

About New Perspectives 

My aim is to help as many people as I can to overcome loneliness and rejection and exchange their misfortune by realizing their dreams of achieving good relationships, overcome negativeness and improve the quality of their life. 

I do this by sharing posts and pages on a number of aspects within the realm of quality of life of which I am confident that I am able to. I have no other motive other than to offer people who suffer from other human misdemeanors an opportunity not only to overcome but also to succeed in their dreams.

So many people are affected by negativeness without them even realizing that they are affected as there is no set pattern how one is affected, it literally varies from person to person. In fact, it could take years for the negativeness to surface while with other people it could manifest almost immediately. Stress, rejection, and loneliness all in some way contribute to negativeness which later in life once more relate to being really unhappy.      

A life of negativeness can also have a detrimental effect on one’s health but this aspect I deal with in the book  We are all affected by life’s bumps and knocks which all come in a different format and the secret to deal with it depend on you accepting that you do have a problem and find a way to deal with it.


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Positiveness, on the other hand, has so much advantage just ask your Doctor, a positive person has a far better chance of healing from a disease than a negative person. I am a living proof thereof as described in the book I had three cancer attacks and 4 years later  I am clear from any cancer.  

Positive people are usually those people who succeed in what they do, pleasant to speak to and they seem to be happy people, no concern with politics or economic downswing, they just believe in tomorrow!  

At this point, I would like to ask your assistance in making this website a have to on your web crawling calendar and I wondered if you would be so kind as to assist me with an idea of what you would like to read. Questions you want to be discussed or perhaps a private matter in which we can have email one on one.  

My desire is to make this site a must on one’s calendar knowing that he or she will find an answer to whatever question is unanswered. I can assure you that trust is my highest priority and reliance is the verb.       

If I may suggest and your point of discussion is private please insert your email and you will receive an email from  gdmmarketing@gmail.com, as sender Guillaume who will gladly contact you, alternatively, email me directly just mark your sender as website caller as to identify, I get many emails daily.

Should your point of discussion be more general please add it to comments and I will soon attend to it, maybe someone else can benefit from the answer.

Thank you in advance, trusting that I will be able to satisfy your need. 

Guillaume Marais